Nederlands aan anderstaligen - Dutch language courses (NT2)

EI and IJ sound the same in Dutch, but an ei is an egg and the IJ is a river.
Join our language course and find out Y!

Why choose Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam?
Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam offers a wide range of affordable Dutch courses on every level. You can choose the pace that suits you best. Starting May 22, our section Dutch for non-Dutch speakers will open its doors for hundreds of students wishing to learn or improve their Dutch.
Our courses are designed to give you a deeper understanding of Dutch culture along the way. In higher level courses we will take you on visits to museums such as the Amsterdam Museum and the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime museum).

How to enrol
Depending on your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), choose a course from the column ‘Rubrieken’ at the right side of this page.
Enroll by clicking the button ‘schrijf je in’. You can also enroll by sending an e-mail to secretariaat@vua-ams.nl. If you already have taken a NT2 course at Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam, you can enroll by sending an e-mail to secretariaat@vua-ams.nl, quoting your course code and your details.

Test your Dutch level for free!
Do you already speak some Dutch and/or have you already taken a course somewhere else but you don’t know exactly what your current level is? In this case you need to do a compulsory intake (interview or test). The intakes are free of charge.
Look here for dates and times intake sessions

Customized Dutch language courses for business and organizations
Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam also offers customized Dutch language courses for businesses and organizations, held in-company or at our own locations. Call 020 626 16 26 (between 9-16 hrs) or send an e-mail to secretariaat@vua-ams.nl for more information and a special offer.