Language courses: what is my level?

New language courses start in September, January and April/May each year. 

In the description of most language courses you will find a clear reference to the start and end level, based on the European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

For a number of languages it is possible to do a free online test, called DIALANG. This test provides an indication of your language level and is available for the following languages: French, Italian, Greek, English, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese. This testing system is funded by the European Union. Click here to go to the DIALANG language tests. You can choose your preferred language of instruction. 

If you are not sure about your level after taking the test, you can sign up for an intake! One of our teachers will contact you for a level assessment and advice on which course to take. The fee for the intake is 25 euros. If you register for a Dutch course at Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam after the intake, we will reimburse the intake-fee.

You can sign up for the intake on the page of your preferred language.