Registration: Terms and Conditions

Registration: Terms and Conditions

Anyone over the age of 18 may register for a course:

Payment and registration

Payment is done together with the registration for a course, through the website. If you wish to pay in a different manner or if your company is doing the payment for you, please contact our administration to arrange registration and payment. By email: After reception of the registration we'll send you a confirmation email. Your registration is only definitive after our reception of the payment.    

Cancellations and changes

Approximately four working days before the scheduled start date we assess whether or not there are sufficient numbers of students for a course to go ahead. This is why it is not a good idea to wait until the last minute to register!
If there is insufficient interest in a course, we reserve the right to cancel it. We will inform you of this as soon as possible. In the event that Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam cancels a course, your course fee will be refunded in full.
The teachers named in the course information are subject to change; students will not be informed in writing of such changes.

Change of venue

Volksuniversity Amsterdam has the right to change the course venue at its own discretion, due to the size of the group or the availability of room in the specific location. If a course is delivered partially online, the lower location costs will be recalculated in the course price, if the course is delivered online for more than one occasion and with the exception of changes due to calamities and force majeure.

Calamities and Force Majeure

In cases of force majeure or calamities the course can be continued on a different schedule, different location or online. Due to the force majeure (forced nature of the events which are outside our control) there will be no refund of course fees if an alternative on a different location or online and/or a different schedule is offered.

Refund of course fee

A request for a refund must always be made in writing. The following rules apply:
Up until fifteen days before the scheduled start date of a course or workshop, a refund of your course fee is possible. An administration fee of €25.00 will be retained. If you withdraw after this deadline for lectures, workshops or guided tours you are not entitled to a refund. You may allow someone else to take your place for the event.
In case of cancellation of a course less than 15 days before the start of the course or during a course, a partial refund is possible. A notice period of one month is applied, calculated from the first of the next month.

Expired lessons

In case of dropout of the teacher (due to illnes or other reasons) the cancelled lesson(s) is/are usualy made up at the end of the course. We request that you take this into account when planning other activities!

Subscription conditions of private lessons

Lessons are bought in packages of ten lessons.
The package is valid for six months. After this period the remaining lessons are forfeited. There is no refund for lessons that are not consumed.
The lessons are scheduled by and in accordance with the wishes of student and teacher.

Discount with Stadspas

Holders of the Amsterdam Stadspas with a green dot are eligble for two times a reduction of 80% of the price of either a course, a lecture or a workshop between 1 August 2023 - 31 July 2024. NT2 courses are excluded from this offer. The reduction can be obtained as long as the available amount lasts.

Waiting list / Extra course

If you register for a course which is already fully booked, it is possible to join a waiting list. We will contact you if a place becomes available, or an extra group or course is scheduled.


If a student has given reason to do so in his or her behaviour, this person can be excluded for the rest of the course, workshop or lecture and/or for other courses, workshops or lectures afterwards. The decision to proceed with further exclusion is taken after consultation with the teacher and/or employee most involved. No appeal by the student is possible against this. The affected student will be notified and his or her remaining course fee will be returned.


Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam is not responsible or liable for damage to persons or property, nor for loss or theft of personal property occurring during courses or other activities organised by Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam.


By registering and paying the course fee you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions