Online Course Introduction to Filmmaking (English Spoken)

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Introduction to Filmmaking
Build your filmmaking knowledge with expert-led online & video tutorials

This course is designed for a people of all ages who are interested in principles and theory behind making films - be it short, documentary or fiction. In a fun and interactive way, you will learn about storytelling, film genres, the meaning of sound in films and the main principles of cinematography. Start your cinema and filmmaking expert journey here!

4-week course; 4 sessions ONLINE; 90min per session

FOR WHO IS THIS COURSE? This course is for anyone who is interested in cinema and filmmaking but has little or no experience.

WHAT WILL YOU NEED? Enthusiasm and curiosity.
The course is conducted in English.

After this course you can take a more advanced: Online Course Filmmaking with Soul (English Spoken)


Session 1: Interactive Lecture + Q&A
Inspiration and storytelling in films
• How do filmmakers find a story worth telling?
• Where to find inspiration?
• How to tell a story well?

Session 2: Interactive Lecture + Q&A
Sound in films
• Why sound can ‘make or break’ a film?
• Films with amazing sound design and/or soundtrack.
• How sound in films tells stories?

Session 3: Lecture + Q&A
Cinematography in films
• What is Cinematography and how to decode it?
• Does cinematography in films really matter?
• Can you shoot a film using your phone and make it look good?

Session 4: Lecture + Interactive Q&A
Film directors - from mediocre to genius
• The godfathers of cinema and why we worship them?
• What makes a film worth seeing?
• Fiction vs Documentary cinema - the truth!
• What film genres we love the most and why?

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Dinsdag 26 januari 2021
4 lessen van 1,5 uur aanvangstijd 19:00 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 149,00
Mw. K. (Kristina) Sputnik

De online cursus gaat via Zoom en de docent stuurt je op de dag van de cursus, kort voor aanvang van de cursus, de link met de uitnodiging voor de inlog van de cursus. Deze wordt gestuurd naar je email-adres. Voor degenen die laat inschrijven: Als je op het laatste moment inschrijft, dus binnen een halve dag voor aanvang van de cursus, dan kan het zijn dat je geen link meer voor de les krijgt. Heb  je vragen over hoe Zoom werkt? Klik hierop voor een handleiding.

19:00 - 20:30
Locatie: Online cursus, niet op locatie (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
K. (Kristina) Sputnik
Degreed in Filmmaking at the University of Westminster in London, Kristina is an all-around filmmaker. She mostly works as a freelancer and a one-woman-band enjoying all stages of the filmmaking process - from research and writing to shooting and editing. Her main passion is combining video storytelling with psychology. As a video journalist, Kristina spent a few years working in Indonesia, making video reports for CNN (SEA) and PressTV (Iran). She also freelanced for Ethnographical Video Research companies and clients like MasterCard, Unilever, Sony, and Mercedes Benz making short documentary videos focusing on the lifestyle, mentality, and culture of people in the U.K, Russia, and Indonesia. In her spare time, Kristina pursues her passion projects that deal with personal stories & perspectives and focus on connection and self-reflection.