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Cursus voorbereiding Cambridge Engels vergevorderden (C1/C2)

Course code: 6264

The English for Cambridge CAE/CPE (C1/C2) is taught in English and open to students of all nationalities.

The Cambridge exams at C1 and C2 level are a great way to prove to your employer or university that your English is of a really high standard: C2 is not just 'near-native'but 'near-native academic level'. They do, of course, require you to know an awful lot about the nuances in grammar and vocabulary at this level.

The text book we use for this course provides an excellent review of all the grammar you need to pass at C2 level, along with a large amount of very useful vocabulary, alongside practice exercises of the type used in the Cambridge C1 exams. Although the book is officially aimed at students taking the C1 Advanced exam, it is also suitable (ideal, even, from a grammar point of view) for students needing to pass C2 Proficiency, for example if you are training to become a secondary school teacher. The teacher will provide alternative C2 level exam practice activities for any students needing these. The actual style of the exercises is in most cases identical, so teaching the necessary techniques to both levels together works well.

Every student taking part will be entitled to individual feedback on six practice essays, provided these are paced throughout the course and completed as instructed in class. Please buy the course books before the first lesson. We will work through units 5-8 on this course (units 1-4 will be covered in the course beginning in September). Some very able students may be ready to take the exam after just 12 weeks, but most will need the full 24 weeks to work on their language skills. You should spend at least 2 hours each week on your homework. If you can spend more time, that would be better for you.

• Boeken: Cambridge Compact Advanced, 2nd Edition, student's pack with CD-ROM, class audio CDs and answers, Cambridge, ISBN 9781107418196, € 48,-. Workbook with answers, Cambridge Compact Advanced, 2nd Edition, Cambridge, ISBN 9781107417908, € 18,- (Units 5-8) Buy the books here

Maandag 20 januari 2020
12 lessen van 2,5 uur aanvangstijd 19:00 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 465,00
Mw. D.C. (Dani) Rocca
Boeken: Cambridge Compact Advanced, 2nd Edition, Cambridge Compact Advanced, 2nd Edition, workbook with answers (klik hier voor meer informatie)
19:00 - 21:45
Locatie: Mauritskade 58: Ingang Oosterpark zijde (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
D.C. (Dani) Rocca
Dani Rocca werkt sinds januari 2009 met veel plezier bij Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam. Zij is een enthousiast en gedreven docent Engels, en houdt van taal, literatuur, leren, lesgeven, cursisten begeleiden en in een team werken. Ze is geboren en getogen in Groot-Brittannië en woont sinds 2006 in Nederland. Dani heeft zowel een tweedegraads diploma (Bachelor of Education: Engels) als een certificaat om Engels aan volwassenen te doceren (Trinity CertTESOL). Ze volgt momenteel de masteropleiding om eerstegraads docent te worden. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dani Rocca has enjoyed working with Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam since January 2009. An enthusiastic and committed English teacher, she loves language, literature, learning, teaching, coaching and teamwork. Born and educated in the UK, she has lived in the Netherlands since 2006. Her qualifications include a Trinity CertTESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) and a Bachelor of Education (English), also known as a tweedegraads diploma. She is currently studying for a Master of Education (English) degree, also known as an eerstegraads diploma.