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Cambridge English

You've been studying English for years and want to put the icing on the cake with an internationally-recognised Cambridge certificate at B2, C1 or even C2 level. We will help you to dot those i's, cross those t's and do yourself justice in the official exams. The world is your oyster!


Cambridge Exam Training Day CAE/CPE (C1/C2) is taught in English and open to students of all nationalities.
The training is aimed at enabling you to get the best possible score which you are capable of.

Zaterdag 2 november 2019
1 les van 7 uur aanvangstijd 9:00
Prijs: € 125,00
Mw. D.C. (Dani) Rocca
Boeken: Macmillan Advanced Testbuilder SB+key Pack 3rd edition, Macmillan Proficiency Testbuilder SB+key Pack 4th edition (klik hier voor meer informatie)
9:00 - 16:00
Locatie: OBA, Oosterdokskade 143 (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)

The English for Cambridge CAE/CPE (C1/C2) is taught in English and open to students of all nationalities.|
The Cambridge exams at C1 and C2 level are a great way to prove to your employer or university that your English is of a really high standard. They do, however, require you to know an awful lot about the nuances in grammar and vocabulary at this level.

Maandag 16 september 2019
12 lessen van 2,5 uur aanvangstijd 19:00 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 465,00
Mw. D.C. (Dani) Rocca
Boeken: Cambridge Compact Advanced, 2nd Edition, Cambridge Compact Advanced, 2nd Edition, workbook with answers (klik hier voor meer informatie)
19:00 - 21:45
Locatie: Mauritskade 58: Ingang Oosterpark zijde (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
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