English Intermediate Intensive

Cursuscode: 6287

Start level B1.0 - End level B1.2 Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Picking up your English again after a gap? Get off to a flying start! This course is a fast-track version of the September and January courses combined (English Intermediate 1 and 2). Twice the material in half the time, so for six weeks you will be working hard and spending 2-3 hours a week on your homework. This intensive burst of study will save you a year! During the summer break your brain will continue to process what you have just learned and in September you can join in with Intermediate 3. If this sounds like a great idea, read on…

Intermediate intensive will get you beyond social communication, so that you can use your English in more situations with increasing confidence. You might need to use your English at work, or to explain a topic you know quite a lot about, in some depth. Working in a varied and highly motivated group, we will cover all the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, with an extra focus on communicating ideas. Typically, you will have been learning English for several years (equivalent to the final year of Havo or MBO4 in the Dutch education system). The pace of this course is very fast. 

• If you are in doubt about your level of English, you can speak to a teacher personally at one of the consultation hours

• Book: Keynote BRE Intermediate Combo Split A, including DVD-ROM + Workbook audio; ISBN: 9781337561280. € 36,-  Buy your book here

Donderdag 16 mei 2019
6 lessen van 3 uur aanvangstijd 18:30 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 245,00
Mw. J.E. (Jordan ) Roberts
Boek: Keynote BRE Intermediate Combo Split A (klik hier voor meer informatie)
18:30 - 21:45
Locatie: OBA, Oosterdokskade 143 (klik hier voor de adres gegevens)
J.E. (Jordan ) Roberts