Online course Improve your professional writing skills for presentations, pitches and theses

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Would you like to improve your writing and presentation skills in English?  This course will focus on the following skills:

- writing in a formal style such as for proposals, reports, and academic papers
 - presenting in front of an audience, including developing an effective PowerPoint, giving a clear presentation, and responding to questions.
We will not focus on small grammatical errors but rather on overal style, effectiveness, and clarity. 
We will use an interactive approach to practice elements of style in formal/academic English. Each student will complete one writing assignment of their choice, which could also be a paper, report, or proposal for their school or work. I will meet individually with each student to read through their first draft and give line by line feedback (this will happen during one class period). They will then receive written feedback on their final drafts. Each student will also present their work to the group and receive teacher and peer feedback.
The course is taught by a native speaker with fifteen years experience as a college professor, independent contractor, grant writer, facilitator, and speaker.  It is is intended for people with an English level B2 or above. The course could also be appropriate for native speakers who would like to improve their (formal) writing and presentation skills. 

Book: The Elements of Style Workbook: Writing Strategies with Grammar Book (Writing Workbook Featuring New Lessons on Writing with Style) by Michelle Poff et al. , ISBN 9781642810059

Online interactive course: This group course is offered online in a virtual classroom.  
What do you need to  be able to participate? A computer, a laptop or a tablet, a webcam, built in or stand alone, and an internet connection. 
*Attention: the 20% reduction is already incorporated in the stated price.

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Maandag 8 november 2021
6 lessen van 1,5 uur aanvangstijd 19:00 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 110,00
Mw. K.M. (Maeve) Powlick
Boek: The Elements of Style Workbook: Writing Strategies with Grammar Book (Writing Workbook Featuring New Lessons on Writing with Style) (klik hier voor meer informatie)

Books are not included in the course fee; you have to buy the books yourself. The prices listed for the books are approximate.

This online course is taught via Zoom. On the day of the course, shortly before the starting time, the teacher will send you an e-mail with the link for the zoom meeting. Also check your spam-box if you did not receive the link. Late registrations, within 6 hours before the course start, may not be processed on time, which means you may not receive the link. Do you have questions about zoom? Please click here for instructions. 

19:00 - 20:30
Locatie: Online cursus, niet op locatie (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
K.M. (Maeve) Powlick
I am glad to have this chance to share some of my passions, such as (English) writing and economic history (offered in Dutch). I am a native English speaker, and also speak Dutch. In addition to a PhD in Economics, I have fifteen years experience with research and evaluation reports, grant proposals, and other professional writing. I previously taught Economics at a US Liberal Arts College, and have experience with in person and online courses on a variety of topics, using an interactive approach.